I believe in the biopsychosocial model of psychiatric evaluation and treatment.  This takes into account all the factors affecting an individual’s mental health – body (bio), mind (psycho) and relationships (social).


In prescribing medications, “less is more.”  I want my patients to feel as good as possible on the least amount of medication necessary.  Some individuals can manage their symptoms through a combination of psychotherapy, exercise, relaxation and/or meditation, yoga and nutritional changes.  Others may not be able to attain their highest level of functioning without adding some type of medication to their regimen.

Together we will determine what combination of interventions is best for  you, starting with a detailed review of your symptoms, social, occupational, medical and family history.  If we determine that medication is indicated, I will monitor your progress on a regular basis.  We will meet as often as necessary to optimize your medication dose and minimize any side effects.  I will coordinate care with your primary doctor as warranted.


I seek to establish a respectful and collaborative therapeutic relationship with my patients, with the goal of developing new ways to cope more effectively with the problems they are seeking treatment for.  I have studied a variety of therapeutic approaches and use them as appropriate to the individual situation and needs.


Studies show that healthy relationships are the most important factor leading to individual happiness.  Modern life makes that increasingly difficult.  In addition, defenses that develop in the face of childhood hardships can become less useful over time, but difficult to understand and change without support.

Together we will try to understand the reasons you are getting stuck in outdated habits and devise strategies to change them.  It may be helpful at times to include family members or significant others in one or more appointments to help them understand how to support your treatment.